5 Easy-To-Wear Retro Fashion Trends

It’s that marvellous time of year in Australia – not too chilly, but also not so hot that we have to see those Facebook photos of people trying to cook eggs on the pavement. Instead it’s the middle of Spring, and it’s time to make the most of this perfect springtime weather!

Working some vintage-inspired style into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be exhausting. We’ve dug deep to discover what the lovely ladies of the mid-century did to add some spice to their springtime outfits, and how you can do the same for some instant style points. Adding a dash of retro style to your wardrobe has never been easier!


1. Capris with ballet flats



A style pairing that works for any occasion, never looks out of place, and is endlessly versatile? Fashion in the ‘50s really did have everything worked out.

It was the definition of everyday-chic in the mid-century – high-waisted, cropped capri pants paired with simple ballet flats. This French-inspired pairing hit its peak when it was sported by major icons, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. We suggest opting for capri pants made of cotton-stretch fabric, to keep you cool no matter the weather.


2. Halterneck everything and anything



Once the halterneck style was invented, there was no going back! It worked on pretty much anything, from casual tops to ballgowns. And it experienced quite the surge in popularity after Marilyn Monroe sported a halterneck style in that iconic white dress. ❤

Garments with a halterneck offer instant style, providing that ‘effortless polish’ that made mid-century fashion so iconic. And with no fabric around the arms or upper back, they’re ideal to wear all the way through our toasty Australian summers.


3. Belted waists


Belted waists

For the lazy dressers among us, this one is a classic! Almost any outfit can be powered up just by cinching in your waist. From breezy printed frocks to high-waisted jeans to pencil dresses, nothing looks out of place with a belted waist! (We really are poets, aren’t we?)

Nothing beats the look of an extra-wide belt around the middle of a dress. Choose a belt that has a few versatile holes (or grab a belt hole-puncher tool to make your own) – perfect for wearing comfortably during the day, and a little tighter around the waist for the evening.


4. Neck ties


Neck tie

Neck ties (or neck ‘scarves’ – we feel as though there’s a thousand terms for these beauties) aren’t nearly as popular as they were in the mid-century. But, hey, we think that makes them all the more special.

This super-wearable fashion piece is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to add some retro zing to any outfit. Try pairing a square patterned neck scarf with a simple T-shirt and high-waisted jeans for a fresh take on ‘50s glamour.


5. High-waisted shorts


High-waisted Shorts

It’s true that the rise of a pair of shorts can completely change an outfit, and we love nothing more than a pair of ultra-high-rise shorts. Even a plain T-shirt can be taken to new heights with retro shorts! Most shorts in the mid-century also boasted features like buttons and deep pockets (sigh, whatever happened to pockets you could actually use?).

Pair your favourite high-waisted shorts with a blouse for the weekend, or a cropped halterneck top for your next beach getaway.

Can’t find the perfect pair of retro shorts? Sit tight – we’re excited to say we have something in the pipeline! ❤


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